Jessup Makeup Brushes - Review 2015-03-13

Friday, March 13, 2015 Jessup Makeup Brushes - Review Hey dolls! So as you can probably gather from my previous blog posts, I love buying luxuries but often find that I do not like paying full price for said items. I have been eyeing the Sigma brushes for almost a year now, but I seriously cannot bring myself or justify spending $150-$300 for a set of makeup brushes. I literally ...

What is the Very Best Foundation Brushes? 2013-10-09

Finding a good foundation brush should be so simple, right? But if you’ve ever had difficulty finding a foundation brush that works great for you, take comfort: you’re in good company, and there’s a legitimate, logical explanation for all the frustrating trial and error. First of all, there are tons of different types of foundation brushes on the market, in terms of toe shapes, fibers...




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